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STUD100 Desensitizing Spray Delay Male Sex Stamina Perform | Pack of 10

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STUD100 Desensitizing Spray Delay Male Sex Stamina Perform | Pack of 10 - SKU: VF612-10


Stud 100 gives you added staying power by slowing down the time it takes to reach climax. Now you can both enjoy sex instead of worrying about it being over before it has begun. Easy to use and works quickly. It is a mild anesthetic, sprayed on to the penis 5 to 15 minutes before intercourse. Stud 100 is safe, effective and you do not need a prescription or medical consultation. STUD 100 may help to reduce stress that can occur as a result of over-rapid ejaculation and has become a highly popular product in many areas of the world. Millions of cans of STUD 100 have been sold in over 60 countries. By prolonging the time to climax, men may find STUD 100 helps to increase their confidence by enabling them to satisfy their partner more fully. STUD 100 with Lidocaine is one of the most successful delay spray for men. It comes in a discreet 3 inch high can, fitted with a metered pump spray which contains 7.16 fl. oz., giving approximately 120 sprays. It is non-toxic, odorless and ozone-friendly. The can is fitted with a distinctive child-resistant closure and metered pump and comes in a discreet size.


  • CONTAINS LIDOCAINE. 10mg per metered spray, the allowed dosage outlined by the current FDA monograph for all lidocaine-based Male Desensitizers
  • EASY TO USE - The recommended dosage is 3-8 sprays. This gives you flexibility depending on your level of sensitivity and can be applied discreetly
  • APPLY BEFORE INTERCOURSE - Spray on head and shaft approximately 5-15 minutes before, allowing it to dry and become absorbed. Wash product off after
  • QUALITY AND LEGITIMACY - STUD 100 has been on the market for almost 50 years and is manufactured to medical standards in a certified UK factory

  • Manufacture: Pound International
    Model Number: VF612
    Material: LIDOCAINE
    Surface Finish: Clear
    Color: Clear
    Product Type: Desensitizer
    Gender: MALE
    UPC: 348132100244
    Country of Origin: United Kingdom
    Item Dimensions:
    Measurements: 7/16 oz bottle
    Package Dimensions:
    Product width: 10"
    Product length: 4"
    Product height: 15
    Condition: New
    Options 1: Includes (10) 7/16 ounce bottles
    Options 2: N/A
    Options 3: N/A
    Special Notes: Note: Those with sensitivities to Lidocaine or Benzocaine should not use this product
    Instructions: N/A

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